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Frequently Asked Questions

1.)   How long does it take to have a wish granted?

        What does "Life-Limiting"  mean?


Please plan on 6-8 weeks to expedite a wish.


A life-limiting illness is a serious illness that severely limits your life expectancy to 6 months or so,  IF untreated.


2.)   What type of wish does UNITY not grant?

Unity does not:  PAY ANY BILLS.....PURCHASE "ANY" VEHICLES.....REMODEL HOMES.....HOME FURNISHINGS.....NO CASH GRANTS or DONATIONS.....ASSIST WITH RENT or MORTGAGES or CREDIT CARDS or LOANS.....UNITY DOES NOT HOLD FUNDRAISERS for a WISH RECIPIENT.  UNITY does not assist in any LEGAL MATTERS ie: divorces, or ANY litigation.   Regretfully, we no longer allow adoption of animals as a wish.  UNITY no longer provides transportation for anyone other than the wish recipient. Depending on the cost, other wishes may also fall into this range of being unable to grant.


3.)   How do I know if I am eligible?

All Applicants must fill out an application. The application is then presented to your Primary Care Physician and he/she will verify your illness. If he/she does not agree that your illness is life-limiting then you are NOT eligible, if he/she says yes then we proceed. Your PCP will verify your illness and that you can SAFELY participate in your wish. UNITY only allocates funding for wish recipients within a 100 mile radius of Uniontown, PA.


4.)   If I have been granted a wish by another wish granting organization am I still eligible to receive a wish from Unity?       NO.


5.)   I only want 1 wish!

When you fill out an application, Unity asks that you place 3 wishes on the application, because Unity may not be able to grant a particular wish. So please make wish #1 the most important one and if for some reason we cannot make that wish a reality we will let you know and proceed with a mutually agreed upon wish.   Secondly, Unity only picks (1) wish to grant from an application.


6.)   Is Unity a travel agency?

NO, Unity is not a travel agency. IF travel is part of your wish, Unity will make the arrangements ie: travel tickets, a car, accommodations. Any other part of your wish is YOUR responsibility. If there is an issue with what UNITY provides we will assist in those matters. Upon completion of planning a wish, you will be notified of the demographics of YOUR wish! Travel is ONLY allowed in the 48 contiguous states. Wishes for travel depend on destination. Due to the increasing cost of airflares, gas and travel overall not all destination wishes can be granted. Unity will pay or the wish recipient only!


7.) Please remember that UNITY is a small non-profit with limited support. All wishes that are granted are for the WISH RECIPIENT and any money allocated for a wish is for the sole use of the wish recipient.  Any and all other persons are responsible for their expenses on any wish.

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